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Are you on the lookout for Angular developers? You have landed at the right place. Angular developers at Reddensoft will bring their exceptional skill sets to the table to craft effective solutions with the latest front-end technologies.

  • Well-versed in the latest Angular tools and skill sets
  • Years of experience in crafting effective Angular solutions
  • High-performance, customized solutions tailored to business needs
  • Significantly cut down on Angular development cost with us

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Backed by Google

Angular is a preferred choice for leading brands and businesses, such as IBM, PayPal, Microsoft Office Home, Forbes, and more. It can be attributed to the framework being built and supported by Google. This indicates Google’s goal of sticking to this framework and a chance to get educated by Google’s certified Angular professionals.

TypeScript Advantage

Angular is the more sophisticated version of its previous counterpart Angular.JS. It is a TypeScript, i.e. superset of JavaScript based open source web application framework maintained by Google that enables to development of the single page to large-scale web applications.

High-End Functionality

Expect better cybersecurity and high-end code by using the official library in Angular, which cuts back the need to use any third-party libraries in creating functionalities.

Component-based Architecture

Angular uses the MVVM (model-view-view-model), enabling easy development by cutting back on the need for unnecessary code. Development of web components is far easier with Angular as developers need to write fewer codes with faster and high-performing apps as outcome.


Angular eliminates the need for any additional setter and getter functions. This can be attributed to Angular using POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object), which offers all the traditional JavaScript functionalities for easy object manipulation.

Easy Testing

The unit testing process is extremely simple in Angular, enabling developers to test apps in the shortest possible time leading to flawless solutions and great digital experiences for enterprises.

Angular Frameworks We Hold Expertise In

My project was bit complex. Special attention needed for individual widgets. The team handled the tasks quite efficiently. They are good and smart guys .

Nil Oroy

Certified User

Advantages Of Choosing Angular Developers From Reddensoft

Our Angular Development Services

AngularJS Web Development; Angular Mobile App Development; Interactive Dashboards; Platform Migration Services; Angular Ecommerce Development; App UI/UX Development; Custom Angular Plug-in and Module Development; Angular Support, Maintenance, and Testing.

Hire AngularJS Developers as per your business requirements

Hiring models for hiring include short-term hiring, long-term hiring, hourly, full-time and part-time hiring. Achieve high-performance websites with user-friendly designs at cost-effective rates. On-time delivery of project and project confidentiality maintained with NDA signed documents.

Our AngularJS Developers bring the following to the table

Excellent skills in communication, expertise in modern JavaScript MV-VM/MVC framework, proficiency in JavaScript Dom manipulation techniques, and knowledge of testing tools, such as Karma and Jasmine.

Technology Used

IDE– Grunt, Bower, Angular GetText, Sublime Txt Editor; Debugger & Testing– Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, SilkTest; Development & Optimization– Angular Fire, Angular Kickstart, AngulatJS UI, and Rest Angular, Augury, Angular CLI, Batarang.

Do You Know?

Angular powers over 826,676 web apps in the US alone!

Easy Cloud Integration
Hassle-Free Customization
High Loading Speed
Solid Security Assurance
Multilingual Feature Supported
Easy Scalability Options
Easy Database Integration
Clean & Simple API
Massive Community Support
Powerful Library Support

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