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Android-enabled smartphones have the maximum share in the smartphone market - more than 80%. Today, android enabled smartphones have reached every nook and cranny of the world. It makes a lot of business sense to develop and launch your app on this platform.

Device Independent

An android app can efficiently run on any screen one can think of mobile phones, tablets, watches, television, PC, Laptops, etc. This, in turn makes Android the most popular operating system amongst programmers and businesses alike.


Android gives ample scope for customization which is easy and hassle-free. It is an all-rounder platform with possibilities of customization as per your business requirements and changing market trends alike. The platform is robust and can implement the customizations required by businesses efficiently.

Multiple Marketplaces

Android apps are available for users to download on many platforms other than Google play. These apps are distributed through various third-party marketplaces also which enables businesses to grab more eyeballs and expand their user base exponentially!

Quick Turn Around - time to market thing

An android app has a quick turnaround time, which means every time a business comes up with a new solution, the app can hit the market almost instantly, and the novelty of the idea stays intact. This is extremely important in a fast-moving, dynamic, and competitive market.

Easy Innovation

Android offers a wide scope for innovation. Tweaks can be made according to the varied target audiences, demographics, nationalities, cultures, etc to capture the markets better. This enables businesses to convert their ideas into practical, scalable solutions.

Android Frameworks We Hold Expertise In

My project was bit complex. Special attention needed for individual widgets. The team handled the tasks quite efficiently. They are good and smart guys .

Nil Oroy

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Advantages Of Choosing Android Developers From Reddensoft

Android App Development

Our team of dynamic android developers will develop an app as per your requirement. The app will be customized to the last milestone as per your requirement. We have certified android developers who are capable of developing robust android apps quickly so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.

UI/UX Design for Android App

When it comes to user engagement, UI/UX design matters the most. With short attention spans and multiple options, users keep app hopping! Our team works closely with you to ensure that your app has the same UI/UX that you envisioned.

Android App Support & Maintenance

Our agile team of Android experts ensures that your app is always error-free and up and running. Our team will do regular upgrades, bug tracking, security checks to ensure your app offers seamless solutions to your customers 24X7.

Android App Testing

Do you keep getting feedback about bugs in your apps? Are your users complaining about issues while download or operating the app? Engage our testing team, and we will ensure all these and other issues are removed from your app before your app goes live and delight your customers.

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