About this Project

OUI Capital is one of the renouned player in Venture Capital and the site is as Stylish and impressive! We would thanks Mr. Francesco and Peter for giving us the opportunity to re-brand their website.

Here's How We Make This Website A Successful Out Come

  1. Understanding Business Goals

    We love to brainstorm and deep dive into business background to discover insights. We did talk to our customer to define their business goals, their expectations etc. We did share our expertise which could be beneficial during this journey.

  2. Research & Discovery Phase

    We followed reviewing competitors credentials. We did GAP analysis and UI/UX review. Accordingly We had a solid plan of action and road map to follow.

  3. Wire framing & Mock up

    This is one of the key phase while we were re-branding OUI Capital. We are one of the best player at it and we vouch that confidently. We know what can works and what can't. We Did the UI creation and UX suggestions through Adobe XD while we used Illustrator & Photoshop for the graphic implementation.

  4. Development - It was beautiful when they were enjoying things are coming down the line :)

    This is where the dreams come true! Team was enjoying and appreciated our work. We were so motivated and loved to share what we were achieving every day.

  5. Making things Perfect

    Even though we try to make sure the website looks great at development phase. We still filter and audit multiple times with different devices and browsers. We make sure website is running without issues. We do make sure the checklists are all done and marked (YES).

  6. Time To Rock

    We figure out a best time when our visitors are not coming to the website to check. So we make the transition from old website to new website quickly. Now we keep monitoring the conversion rate, User experiences etc. We sent Congratulation emails and that is the first thing you'll notice when we make sure website or APP too.

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