About this Project

About Military Travel Pro

Military Travel Pro is a website that provides a variety of services to active and ex-military personnel all under one roof. Services include credit card reviews, discounts available to military personnel, desirable destinations, and travel rewards. The website offers the best credit card options that are available to military personnel. It also informs them on how they can make the best use of various benefits offered.

Here's How We Make This Website A Successful Out Come

  1. Business Problem

    The brain behind Military Travel Pro is an ex-military person who is now a known name in the field of marketing. He identified that most military personnel were not aware of the variety of benefits they are entitled to. Therefore, through this website, he aimed to inform the military community about how to make the most of credit card discounts to save money. Our client needed an attractive website that generated a good amount of traffic, creating a buzz in the military community in the USA.

  2. Design Solution

    Our client had a logo ready for the business and had already chalked out the functionality he needed on the website. After having a detailed discussion with the client, we went back to our design boards. Competitor analysis wasn’t possible in this scenario as this was a new idea, and it almost had no competitors. Since financial savings and credit cards is a serious subject, we decided to go ahead with good quality illustrations and vector graphics, and an easy-to-navigate website structure.

  3. Online Promotion

    In addition to creating the website, we also optimized it for search engine rankings for targeted keywords and handled all aspects of digital marketing.

  4. Typography

    Our designers picked the SansSserif font Roboto for paragraphs as well as headings. It is a simple, clean font and is easy to read.

  5. Color Palette

    The color scheme preferred by our client was derived from the patriotic shades of the American flag: red, blue, and white. We used red to highlight specific design components on the website, such as headlines and call to action.

  6. Results Achieved for Military Travel Pro

    When the Military Travel Pro website went live, it generated a lot of traffic as a result of our digital marketing campaigns. The website now has thousands of newsletter subscribers. The business has been able to create the required buzz in the military community in the USA and is continuing to grow.

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