About this Project

About Hola Weddings

Hola Weddings provides destination wedding services by helping wedding planners and couples zero in on an all-inclusive resort for a wedding. The company aims to make the experience completely hassle-free by providing all the necessary services. Clients can find a suitable destination on the basis of their choice of location, budget, group size, and various other criteria. Hola Weddings operates in Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Here's How We Make This Website A Successful Out Come

  1. Business Problem

    When our clients at Hola Weddings approached us to develop a website for them, they had years of experience in the wedding industry and wanted to launch their own business. Having worked in various roles as hotel concierges, travel agents, and tour guides, they had experienced the industry from various sides. Now it was time for them to be their own boss and help couples find the perfect wedding destinations fitting their requirements and budget.

    Hola Wedding offers its services in sunny areas with lots of beaches, so they wanted their website to communicate those feelings and emotions that one associates with beaches and sunny weather.

  2. The Design Solution

    Our experienced team of web designers got together to come up with the perfect design solution. Our aim was to give life to our client’s vision. Once the right vibes were established through the graphics, we implemented the functionality to make the website come alive.

  3. Choice of Typography

    We used Youth Touch Demo font for the headings to get the romantic handwritten effect. Montserrat font was used for paragraph text as it is clear and simple with high readability.

  4. Colour Scheme

    A beach-themed color palette was chosen for this website, which included blue, beige, and white. The designs popped with the use of colorful photographs.

  5. Results Achieved for Hola Wedding

    Once the website for Hola Weddings was launched, our clients were able to start their business by tapping into the destination wedding market. The website helped catalyze the launch and growth of their business, helping them to launch their careers as entrepreneurs.

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