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1604 2018
Reddensoft Infotech

Useful Ways To Succeed In Email Marketing

“Spam” is the word which is the first thing which enters our mind when we say “email marketing” because ever since email came into place, users have just been bombarded by spammers to the extent that it’s almost been more than a decade that built-in anti spam software automatically divert suspected spam email to a designated folder. But, email marketing still remains an attractive way to target customers and clients and can be very much successful at that provided one markets the message in a non-intrusive manner.

For success in email marketing, follow the below-mentioned tips:

Say No to Images– For most email services and web companies, image-based emails are mostly spam so images should be avoided. Make sure not to use graphics within the body of your email. Make a list of the emails that only have basic text alongside the contact details and an option to unsubscribe from your emails should be the format that you should use always.

Relevance Is the Key– Yes, it is true, relevance is the key to success in email marketing which can only happen when you understand your target audience and the services and products that you are offering to the customers. It is better that you personalize each email for specific groups before sending. If you are not relevant, you are most likely to be sent to the spam folder.

Social Media Tools– Make use of social media tools like SocialBro, Buffer, HootSuite and others in order to get insights about the people in your email list. You will easily be able to be aware of what each individual likes or prefers and accordingly will be able to send email.

Build A Strong Reputation– Building a strong trust is the only way through which you can make sure that your email is not sent directly to a spam folder. Make a list of the email addresses of people who falls into your target audience category. Do not purchase email addresses which can be disastrous. You can take help from social media experts as well who can help you gather each email address manually. A way to unsubscribe from your emails is also something that you should provide which will help you in building trust more easily among your target audience.

High Quality Content– First and foremost, write your text in a notepad and then paste into the email which should not be written in colored fonts or font styles that are not common. The text should be within 300-400 words in length. The writing should be very professional yet personal which you can easily achieve by going for a professional copywriter who would have the required expertise to write top-level email marketing copy leading to higher conversion rates for you.

Create Your Referrals– There can be nothing better than a happy customer promoting your company to his or her close acquaintances which means you need to work towards making your customers happy. You can offer them benefits and discounts in order for them to refer your business to others which can easily be done through email marketing. After lead conversion, make sure to stay in touch with your customer. You need to maintain a strong relationship with him or her so that he feels happy in referring you or your products and services to others which can easily be done by sending birthday cards and offering discounts from time to time.

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