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3108 2020
Reddensoft Infotech

Use Joomla Development Services To Create A Vibrant Website

You’ll need more than a solid game plane to start (and run) a successful website. Most importantly, you’ll need a reliable platform to power it, such as a Content Management System (CMS). Choosing a CMS is a crucial decision that can have huge repercussions for your website. It’s a jungle out there when looking for the perfect CMS in view of so many options available, choosing the right one can get a bit tricky. But two platforms that stand out among the pack include WordPress and Joomla. The popularity of both these platforms among experienced users can be attributed to their ease-of-use, extensive customization opportunities, and active communities. While both come with their pros and cons, they can both be employed to build modern, feature-filled sites.

Joomla is a popular alternative to WordPress (that has the lion’s share of the CMS market) that presently powers approximately 6.6% of global websites (just over 2 million). Although Joomla falls short when it comes to themes and plug-ins, but Joomla users find the platform much more robust than WordPress. To choose the right CMS platform for your website and business, you should select a platform based on criteria including ease of use, site management, customizability, performance and security, and without a glimmer of doubt Joomla lives up to all of these, which is why Joomla web development services are so popular across the world.

Here are a few reasons why Joomla development is so popular in website development:

Content Flexibility– Joomla allows you to use multiple templates on your website, instead of locking you into a single theme when designing your site. Joomla also gives you the flexibility to exhibit different forms of content on your site with modules that allow you to mix up the content types on each webpage. The best thing about using Joomla is that it gives you exceptional design freedom.

Better Backend Organization– Want to restrict articles to certain webpages, want to add a new menu to your webpage- do so easily with Joomla (without any extra coding or plugins) as the backend is much more organized. If excellent organization is what you want, Joomla is a clear winner.

Stronger Default Security– The biggest advantage with Joomla is that it comes with options to enable 2FA and to force SSL connections for your website, which ensures that those connecting to your website enjoy the safest experience possible, not to mention the platform offers a wide variety of security extensions that make the platform extremely secure.

Multilingual Website– Make your website multilingual from the start with Joomla as the multilingual functionality comes standard with the platform. Just go to the language manager and select the languages you wish to translate your content into, and for a language that doesn’t come with the backend, all you’ll need to do is just install that language module, you don’t need to install a new plug-in for that.

Why Choose Joomla Development For Your Business?

  1. Develop vibrant websites
  2. E-commerce is easy with Joomla
  3. Built-in SEO-friendly functionality
  4. No restrictions
  5. High level of customization
  6. Blogging friendly website
  7. Rapid development
  8. Quick turnaround time
  9. Performance-oriented solutions

The bottom line is using a powerful CMS like Joomla is a perfect way to get your website started on the right foot, to get a website that is aligned with your business goals, thanks to all the functionality it will provide you with.