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0312 2019
Reddensoft Infotech

Tips To Bridge The Gap Between SEO Experts And Developers

The reasons behind the fractured relationship between SEO experts and developers can be attributed to the bad experiences that both sides have had with each other. On the one end, SEO professionals have been faced with rigid pushback when suggesting certain implementations whereas developers have been put off by black-hat SEOs selling dishonest services. Different ways of working and a lack of awareness just added to or enhanced this huge divide.

Success of SEO depends a lot on developers. A lotrests on their shoulders from the noindex tag settings that need updating, to the performance of the website as a whole. What majorly contributes towards the huge divide between SEO professionals and developers is each side’s lack of knowledge of the fundamentals of the other, and an awareness of the priorities of the other side is also missing. What can bridge this gap are trust and faith in one another which can only be built once an understanding has been established.

There are a few things SEO experts can do to improve their relationships with developers, which are as follows:

  1. Finding out the priorities of developers which are bound to vary depending on their discipline. You need to keep your patience while understanding what the priorities are for engineers you work with, which will not only help improve the way you communicate but also get them to buy-in to the significance of SEO considerations. The main focus of back-end engineers is on Making APIs, Automation, Writing software, and moving and processing huge amounts of data. On the other hand, the primary focus of front-end engineers is on design, look and feel, UX and CX. DevOps engineers’ primary focus would be on facilitating smooth releases, pushing out high-quality code, offering the infrastructure for other engineers to carry out their task.
  2. After the developers have listed out their priorities, hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of what is important to them, and you’ll have an angle to utilize when explaining the significance of a particular fix which will be more convincing for the developer to fixate on.
  3. Learn more about the engineering industry so that you and the developer are on the same page, which will make conversations flow more smoothly. The most effective way to stay updated on the latest technologies and frameworks is by following leading engineers on Twitter, and keeping a track on any announcements from key developer conferences, such as Google I/O, Chrome Dev Summit, Microsoft Build,
  4. Your goals and expectations should be clear and precise. Look at some of the guides inMDN Web Docs to get a better understanding of how developers like to process information. You can see for yourself the clear structure that developers have that covers the goal, the methodology and the outcome.
  5. A good understanding of the structure of your developer’s roadmap will enable you to fit your requests within their timeline meaning neither side’s workflow will be delayed by the other due to going backward and forward on project items and timeline issues.

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