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android app development companies in Kolkata
2311 2018
Reddensoft Infotech

Selecting the Best Android App Development Company in Kolkata

There are no two ways about the fact that businesses are making considerable fortune by developing android apps.

Many businesses are looking for some of the top android app development companies in Kolkata so as to make higher profits in the industry. Factors for selecting the best company for android app development are

Experience– It is extremely important to consider the experience and track record of the company. You would obviously look for the best company to help you with developing your apps thus bringing functionality to your business. Inquire about the projects they have worked on and coincide those projects with that of yours which will help you to pick the best company.

Policies– Do understand the company’s policies in terms of after sales services. It is important for you to know about their policies like support and maintenance prior to entrusting them with your work.

Costs– The pricing should be transparent and there should be no hidden costs associated with the same. You should be in control every step of the way. This factor will help you to make an informed decision with regards to choosing a company.

Reviews and Feedbacks– Reviews are the best way that can help in decision-making. Reviews and feedbacks are true nature of a business. Relying on reviews can help you to pick the best service provider who can help you deal with all the problems and give the functionality to your business.

Going for website and mobile app development is one of the best decisions that can be taken for a business. But app development is totally different from website development. In comparison to a website, you get very little space to impress your audience but have to offer something even better at the same time which can be a challenging task. A mobile app should be fast on slow internet, lightweight for the mobile and user friendly.

  1. The most important thing in mobile app development is to using lightweight images and graphics and wherever possible use code-generated solid color. The coding should be compact, and the functions should be implemented properly. Memory management is of utmost importance as one gets very little memory in mobile.
  2. Keep in mind that not every mobile has same network speed and mobile space. When working on mobile app development, keep all the possible negative things in mind. You need to target all the major screen sizes when it comes to android app development. Testing the app is extremely crucial which will ensure it is working properly on all major devices.
  3. Do not make the screens crowded with too much unnecessary information and fields neither should force the user to go through long steps which can be a big turn off. Be simple and reduce complexity. Do review the wireframe prior to approving the design as user friendliness depends upon the app’s wireframe development.

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