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2105 2018
Reddensoft Infotech

Measure the Performance of your Business with Facebook Analytics App

Facebook recently came out with its first ever Facebook Analytics app which is mainly for measuring the performance of business pages. This app is available for both iOS and Android and can help a business in conveniently reviewing their key metrics in a mobile interface. This app can enable businesses to stay on top of growth, help in engagement and conversion efforts while on-the-go. It can enable in setting up alerts to receive notifications during notable changes.

Facebook marketing is integral to social media marketing. As social marketing has matured, companies aren’t satisfied just getting Likes, followers and reach. People wish to sell their stuff. Facebook has come out with this all-new app in order to retain the loyalty of its customers. In between storefronts on Facebook, marketing bots on Messenger, professional accounts and shopping tags on Instagram and the new WhatsApp for business app, Facebook does not want to lag behind and thus wants to offer tools in order to retain its customer base.

Advantages of Facebook Analytics App:

  1. Get notifications about anomalies in your data
  2. It will enable you to check the metrics you care about the most in your own personalized overview tab
  3. Browse through automated insights relevant to your business
  4. With the reports you have saved on desktop, you would be able to create dashboards

Moreover, the app complements Facebook’s pages Manager and Ad Manager. Not only that, the Analytics app can help businesses track their apps, websites, bots and even source groups.

The app lets users create custom mobile views of their most important metrics like review, demographics, retention and active users. It also lets in viewing funnels, cohorts and segments that you have created as it ties into Facebook’s web analytics. It will also enable some businesses to see automated insights, such as that you’ve experienced a period of higher sales, or that a certain demographic spends more time or money in your app.

Clients have stuck with Facebook through all its controversies because there’s simply no place with more precise ways to reach customers. Facebook must keep finding ways to squeeze more money out of each of them as the app hits saturation in certain markets and user growth plateaus.

Facebook Analytics Features:

This will enable people to learn about your business and become users and customers, across devices and channels.

Funnels– Visualize people’s progress to conversion through their actions across your Page and website, mobile and desktop, and more.

Retention– Track how changes you make to your product and customer experience are impacting retention over time.

Cohorts– Build cohort reports to measure the percentage of people who take two specific actions, like Page View and Registration, and see how this changes over time.

Custom Dashboards– Pin your most important reports in one place, so you and your team can see business performance at a glance.

Automated Insights– Get valuable insights surfaced automatically. Facebook Analytics uses advanced machine learning to analyze and monitor your data, saving time and helping you to take action more quickly (beta).

Percentiles- Answer questions like how many purchases the top 10% of your customers make.

These are valuable features for Facebook business goals. So get started by downloading the app by searching for “Facebook Analytics” on the app store.

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