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1307 2020
Reddensoft Infotech

Major Advantages Of Using Django Web Framework For Your Project

Choosing an appropriate web development framework is not an easy task. As a developer, you should look for three things while choosing a framework: the language used, tools present in the framework, and its reputation in the market. Django ticks all the boxes as it is the best in the class. It is one of the top frameworks for web development with huge popularity among developers and business owners. Let’s review the reasons why Django boasts the label of one of the most popular web-development tools today and is the first choice when it comes to web development:

Simple– One of Django’s main aims is to simplify the development process. The framework covers the basics, which allows developers to focus on the more unique and/or complex aspects of a project.

Works on Python– Python is a language that covers most programming tasks and problems, and is on a par with C/++ and Java. Django framework is based on Python, making it easier for developers to build web applications with clean, readable, and maintainable code by leveraging syntax rules of Python. It also allows programmers to cut down on the development time by enabling them to build custom web applications without writing additional code.

Suits any kind of project– Although Django is not an enterprise solution like C/C++ or Java, yet it is appropriate for all kinds of projects, both big and small. If you wish to build a social media type web application, or use Django for web development of a blog or a book database, it is an excellent choice. What’s more, Django is cross-platform and is compatible with most major databases.

Useful Features Simplify Development– Django has adopted “batteries included” approach, the framework provides the resources required to develop a fully fledged application- ORM, User Authentication, Admin, Forms, Caching, Sessions, Syndication (RSS), Templates, Internalization, Testing. Also, access its tool packages for working with cutting-edge technology such as data analysis, AI, and machine learning. If you need additional features for the development of a more complex app, there are over 4,000 packages for Django you can choose from to cover profiling, testing, and debugging.

Secure and Up-To-Date– The framework follows the latest trends in website security and development, which is what makes it so popular and reliable with security being a priority in any project. With Django, developers can protect their web applications from a variety of targeted security attacks – cross-site scripting, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery.

Backward Compatible– The framework offers the flexibility of working with its older versions and makes use of its older formats and features. Moreover, there is a comprehensible guide that will keep you in the loop about the changes and trends of the Django framework, especially when the new changes become incompatible with previous releases.

Django has a REST framework for building APIs– Another major advantage of using Django as a web framework for your project is its Representational State Transfer (REST) framework, which is a popular toolkit for building web APIs. Django is powerful enough to build a ready-to-use API in just three lines of code. Django’s REST can return different data formats and handle multiple types of calls (due to data not being tied to any particular method or resources), therefore, it can meet the requirements of different customers.

Community Support– The benefits of using Django for web development also include its big, professional community. You can easily find good developers who have complete knowledge of Django and have experience coding with it. It also means that you can easily find help, the Django community is quick to respond to bugs and fix them- they update new plug-ins and code snippets regularly to simplify web application development. You can easily speed up your custom web application development by taking advantage of these resources uploaded by Django’s large and active community.

You can easily find Django developers to hire– A huge advantage of the large Django community is easy accessibility to good developers. There is also the flexibility of extending your existing team, since all Django developers use the same documentation, code pretty much in a similar manner, and can easily read each other’s code.

To summarize, Django helps developers to write custom web applications in Python by providing a number of features, modules, and tools. But of course, developers must keep in mind the precise requirements of each project while assessing the pros and cons of Django to choose the best Python web framework. Undeniably, Django could very well be the best fit for your next business idea regardless of the size and type of your project.