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0801 2018
Reddensoft Infotech

Have Higher Reach Among People Through An Ecommerce Website

The best way to reach a global audience is by taking your business online and development of an ecommerce website can ensure that. An ecommerce website can ensure higher sales and revenues for you. But it is recommended that you hire the services of a web development company for desired results. You can get in touch with Reddensoft Technologies which is an acclaimed software development company in Kolkata for ecommerce web development.

Most web developers use Magento as an ecommerce tool that outranks many other rivals in the field which can be attributed to its sheer popularity. Magento was launched on 31 March, 2008 and its tryst with popularity began with its association with eBay which happened in the year 2011. Magento is the preferred platform for most people who are keen on setting up an ecommerce store. The popularity of this platform can be attributed to its plethora of user-friendly solutions that it offers.

Magento In Comparison To Other CMS

WordPress is a very popular platform and is easy to install but it is designed for blogs and there is no room for customization on this CMS. Joomla is a bit difficult when compared to WordPress in terms of installation, adding features and administration. There are no easily downloadable themes as well and some themes available are chargeable. Drupal scores more on flexibility for customization relating to design, features and branding, but it requires advanced programming skills to install, configure and fully tap its potential. In areas of administration and in terms of content management, Drupal is not user-friendly.

Few features of Magento which makes it a worthy choice on the part of web developers in creation of customer-centric websites are:

Innumerable Themes– Magento comes with attractive and eye-catching themes, customization is also encouraged on Magento thus one can go ahead with personalizing the website or other appetizing customizations that are consistent with the user needs.

Management Of Multiple Stores– Magento lets an individual to handle multiple stores which is the main distinguishable feature of Magento. Handling multiple stores is just at the fingertips by way of a few clicks on the lone admin panel.

Hassle-free Ordering– What can ensure good returns on investment is providing users with easy ordering options and Magento ensures that. Magento comes loaded with website development tools that can edit, create, view and fulfill orders from the admin interface itself. This will keep you posted about the various happenings on your ecommerce site. Magento also supports multiple mailing addresses and multiple invoices.

Google Analytics– Tracking the user’s activity on your site is essential and a website is incomplete without these analytics that record the user’s habits regarding your site which you can utilize to work to your advantage. This is vital to your store as an explanation for the user’s dissatisfaction regarding the site- if there is any.

Encourages International Buying– Magento totally supports a business which wants to cater to an international clientele. Magento has features that incorporate international languages in the software that are consistent with the user needs. Magento also makes support for a lot of currencies available. Another important feature on Magento is that there is a provision to accommodate different tax rates per location and can be utilized as and when need arises.

Marketing Support– Marketing is one of the most important areas that needs utmost care for any business to become successful. Marketing does not come cheap and Magento proves to be beneficial in this aspect as well as it comes loaded with a variety of features that supports marketing. The powerful tools for this purpose include Up-Sells and Cross-Sells, which are marketing terminologies for promoting accessories in your store and suggesting other alternatives respectively.

To top it all up, Magento, because of its distinguishable features is very popular with ecommerce professionals and can prove to be of great advantage in setting up an ecommerce store.