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1205 2020
Reddensoft Infotech

Features That Make Yii Framework The Perfect Choice For Development

Yii is one of the best and the highest rated performance PHP frameworks, and rightly so, Yii is an open source development framework that uses PHP in order to develop web 2.0 applications. The framework is relatively new yet efficient enough to be one of the most sought-after PHP frameworks available in the market nowadays. Whether you are building a fairly simple website, or building an extremely complex web application, Yii works to streamline your application development and ensures an extremely efficient and maintainable end product. The developer friendly features of Yii helps it in managing small scale to large, highly complex projects with huge requirements.

Below are some of the key features of Yii framework which has made it the number one choice for PHP developers these days:

  1. Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
  2. Database Access Objects (DAO), Query Builder, Active Record, DB Migration
  3. Form input and validation
  4. AJAX-enabled widgets
  5. Authentication and authorization
  6. Skinning and theming
  7. Web Services
  8. Layered caching scheme (offers various cache components that can store cache data in different media)
  9. Error handling and logging
  10. Security
    1. Cross-site Scripting Prevention
    2. Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention
    3. Cookie Attack Prevention
  11. Automatic code generation
  12. Friendly with third-party code

The reasons why Yii framework is the first choice in development include

  1. Yii has Web GUI based GII module for generating module, model, controller and views.
  2. GII module will enable you to select the view that you want to create or not by selecting in one screen only.
  3. The in-build ORM module in Yii (Yii Active Record) enables you to make query faster, validate and secure (protection from SQL injection).
  4. Develop faster with Yii and provide delivery to the client on time. The Gii Module generates the required structured CRUD with all the basic input validation, search and listing, view and update functionality. Web Developer/Coder has to change the code according to their requirements.
  5. Yii comes equipped with all major SQL and no-SQL database support.
  6. Not only is Yii faster than other frameworks, but can integrate with CMS e.g. WordPress, Drupal etc.
  7. The growing forum community and extensions list is another major advantage with Yii.

What makes Yii framework the ultimate choice for developers is its performance combined with a very rich feature set that can greatly improve development efficiency. The PHP Yii framework uses the lazy loading technique extensively which is what makes it so much faster. To cite an example, it does not include a class file until the class is used for the first time; and it does not create an object until the object is accessed for the first time. It is on this account that other frameworks suffer because they would enable a functionality (e.g. DB connection, user session) no matter it is used or not during a request.

It is true that every framework has its advantages and disadvantages in the development, but web development companies like Reddensoft InfoTech selects the framework as per project and client requirement, but lately Yii Framework has been filling our entire development requirement and is ranked first for our development work.

At Reddensoft InfoTech, our talented team of web development professionals provide some of the most cost-effective web solutions and many testing services.

Yii Development Services at Reddensoft:

  1. YII framework development
  2. YII framework PHP development
  3. Web application development
  4. YII framework set development Maintenance and deployment Portal development

Our developers are enthusiastically committed to bringing the best results with this framework as it is highly user-friendly and also easy to use as it follows the MVC pattern.