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0307 2018
Reddensoft Infotech

Digital Video Advertising Will Dominate Digital Marketing in a Big Way

Video advertising is turning into a dominant force in the digital marketing space. The way one conceptualizes, creates and disseminates the digital video ads can have a significant impact on the marketing ROI. All of this can be attributed to the fact that attention spans are dwindling to a point where people are rejecting large volumes of text online, they prefer staring at small portable screens directly in front of their faces for hours throughout an average day. This is the era of visual content which can help you in connecting with your buyers in a more efficient way.

Digital Video Advertising:

For most websites ranging from social platforms to news organizations to company pages- digital marketing experts or digital strategists are employing a huge amount of video content which enables an audience to consume at their own will. High-quality video has the ability to engage users on a deep and substantial level regardless of its form ranging from education content, reports to entertainment, or ads. There are no two ways about the fact that the modern web is now driven by video which can be attributed to increase in the use of personal mobile devices and high-speed internet connections.

We have come a long way since the latter half of 2000s when the only place to watch videos on the web was “YouTube” because now many outlets have shifted and are shifting vast resources to video production which includes a few sites with massive traffic figures that include Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, etc.

Then, we cannot forget Snapchat and Instagram which are one of the fastest-growing social media entities largely based on their video stories.

You cannot escape video content regardless of whether you open up your laptop, unlock your phone, or fire up your smart TV.

Create Personalized Videos for Building Connections

Any type of organization can gain immense benefits from digital video advertising, but you should remember that video ads have to have certain elements in order to be effective because consumers are wise enough to understand when a video is of poor quality which can be a big turn off. A video ad should be engaging and well-produced which can help you in creating not only a brand name for yourself but also can be the start of a long-term customer relationship.

Micro Video Ads– Short, micro-videos can grab a viewer’s attention quickly and leave a big impression and these videos are generally only about 10 seconds in length. Micro-videos have proven especially useful in engaging Millennial buyers, whose attention spans have been shaped by the internet for most of their lives.

If you are thinking about using micro-videos, it is a very good idea, but it does not mean that you neglect the traditional 30-second videos. Your digital video advertising strategy should be crafted in a way so that it mixes different length pieces.

Outstream Video– Outstream video is sometimes also referred to as native video which is characterized by a digital video advertising unit that’s integrated within a page and autoplays once the user scrolls near it. Then, the video auto-pauses if the user begins to scroll away from it before it’s complete.

You must know that 77 percent of ad agencies across the world see outstream video ads as important to their clients going forward which can be attributed to their versatility. But outstream video advertising is still a fairly new practice so there hasn’t been many reliable studies with regards to determination of the ROI of such campaigns when compared with other forms of digital video advertising.

Outstream videos lead to brand awareness, increases conversion rates and has the ability to target the desired buyers when compared with instream videos.

Video Ads & Social Media

  1. Facebook users have become accustomed to their feeds being filled with autoplaying videos from various sources.
  2. Instagram and Snapchat users think nothing about spending minutes at a time habitually scrolling through live video stories.

Audience expect video content from someone they follow which significantly increases the chances that they’ll engage quickly and then stay for the entire ad. Companies should tailor more and more video ads for these settings that remarkably resemble content from users’ followers.

The bottom line is that digital video advertising is dominating the landscape today so you should not overlook its importance when it comes to digital marketing.

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