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Digital Marketing Strategies and SEO Trends for 2019

Even with a solid digital marketing strategy, it may not drive desired results. The answer to that isn’t easy to understand, but it’s simple to outline. There is a high level of competition across industries these days which necessitates a “super product”. Even when based on hard data, proven techniques, your digital marketing strategy may not bring you your desired success, it requires consistent efforts, implementation and improvements which most businesses fail to realize. Moreover, digital marketing is a mix of various components which must receive equal attention. The components include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click, web design, etc. Each must have their own unique strategy with specific goals which can help pave the way to the bigger picture.

It is advisable to go for a 360-degree digital marketing company in India who have the required expertise to help you with proper planning and implementation. Professional digital marketing agencies can turn the wind in your favour. Although your digital marketing strategy may seem perfect, there may be aplenty wrong which will not help you achieve desired metrics or ROI.

Our discussion today will revolve around the most important digital marketing component, Search Engine Optimization. Some of the 2019 SEO trends:

  1. See more video results on Google SERP.
  2. Voice search is going to dominate.
  3. Focus will center on mobile users.
  4. Backlinks and contents will remain just as important.
  5. AMP will be significant for SERP.
  6. Featured snippets will become more prevalent on SERP.

There has been a change in the SEO world in the last few years- who could have thought that content marketing would become an essential component of SEO even a couple of years back. But now SEO is incomplete without content marketing. Although, its is important to work on these trends individually, the collective focus should remain on the fundamentals.

Here are three very important but basic SEO trends for 2019 which can take you a long way in 2019 and beyond.

High Quality Contents– Keep in mind, “focus on quality, not quantity”. For success, high-quality, highly relevant and targeted contents in large quantities is required. Not producing superlative contents on a consistent basis, there are high chances of you lagging behind your competitors. Moreover, you need contents across a diverse channel from website blogs to social media posts- these will maximize the impact.

User Experience Optimization– UXO or User Experience Optimization is the new SEO with Google and Bing focusing intensively on providing users with the best experience with them factoring UX centric metrics like bounce rate, conversion rates, dwell time, etc. Feature snippets, AMP, etc. ensure great user experience as they give users quick answers and eliminates the risk of slow-loading pages respectively.

Create a strong brand reputation– Capitalize on the power of branding which is what is required these days. If you type a phrase related to some industry on Google, you’ll find results of high brand value on the first page. Search engines prefer those that have greater brand presence and value. Invest big in your brand name not only for SEO but also for other direct benefits like it will drive quick sales and improve customer loyalty and retention.

For higher rank on Google and other search engines, you should deploy these three SEO trends with immediate effect.

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