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A Definitive Guide To Setting Up A Hyperfast WordPress Website

A fast loading website embodies a strong online presence, which is the need of the hour for any business to thrive and succeed in their field. In fact, speed of a site is one of the major ranking factors on Google (both mobile and desktop searches). Page speed and user conversion are closely linked. Faster speed or better performance of a website translates to increased revenue and increased traffic. In fact, you are in for a Google penalty when you have a slow loading site. Being penalized by Google means you are inaccessible to your target audience due to your site no longer appearing on search results, or a dramatic fall in ranking. Hence, a low-loading website any day is a hindrance to the growth of your business.

This calls for setting up a hyperfast WordPress website- WordPress being the leading content management system. Web developers prefer WordPress over other CMSs to build websites due to the host of themes, tools, and plugins and lucid functionalities that facilitate the creation of amazing and high-performance websites with the platform.

Now, the question is how you can make your WordPress site hyperfast!

A Hyperfast server is the key- Hosting your website on slow servers is bound to slow your website down thereby compromising user experience. This can be dealt with by choosing fast server to host your WordPress website on. A case in point being UltraStack by InMotion hosting created with the aim to speed up WordPress sites.

The various components of UltraStack boosts performances of a website, including those built using WordPress.

For example, the component NGINX uses PHP to cache content. This ensures easy management of caching through the Cache Manager Plugin that does away with loading of source code for every new user.

Another vital component i.e. the PHP-FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) enhances the performance of a website while being more secure and efficient than its counterpart SuPHP.

The Role of Caching Plugins– Self-hosted WordPress websites can reap immense benefits from the plethora of useful caching plugins with some of the popular free plugins being

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. WP Super Cache
  3. WP Fastest Cache
  4. Simple Cache

Utilizing any of these will lead to high-performance websites for you with faster loading times since these plugins work by presenting a snapshot of your website and making it accessible on the server for visitors, which is in stark contrast to loading each and every single element of the webpage each time.

Image Optimization– The importance of high-quality images, graphics on a website cannot be emphasized enough. They are the key for traffic and lead generation, and generating revenue, of course. However, the loading speed of a site takes a hit if the images aren’t optimized properly. There are various ways to reduce image file size, for instance,

  1. utilize image tools like TinyJPG, Tiny PNG to compress images,
  2. make images responsive,
  3. selecting the right size and right format for your images is another effective measure, and
  4. it is wise to erase the white space from around images.

Get rid of the needless plugins– Plugins just slows your website down, so it is best to remove the unnecessary ones. Assess all the current plugins on your site, and only keep those that are serving a purpose, for example, SEO and caching plugins, and not the others.

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