Month: July 2018

16Jul 2018

The Best Programming Language for Web Development in Kolkata

When it comes to web development, the technology world provides a number of scripting languages to developers in building applications and websites like ASP, CGI, PHP, etc. PHP is the popular one and is a widely used scripting language out […]

09Jul 2018

Ways to Outsource Mobile App Development to a Company

There are no two ways about the fact that mobile has emerged as one of the top grossing platforms for businesses. A mobile device is the go-to device for most people these days. People love making plans on the go […]

03Jul 2018

Digital Video Advertising Will Dominate Digital Marketing in a Big Way

Video advertising is turning into a dominant force in the digital marketing space. The way one conceptualizes, creates and disseminates the digital video ads can have a significant impact on the marketing ROI. All of this can be attributed to […]

02Jul 2018

Going Digital is the Way Forward for Every Business in Kolkata

Everyone has gone digital these days. Without a robust website, a high-performance app and digital marketing- there are no ways that you can take your business to a global audience. It is advisable to go for a software development company […]